Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Hit List

Re-decorating a home is a daunting task, especially when done alone and with a small budget. I am a list person by nature, so having a list of things to do keeps me focused.

Here is the "Hit List" for my house:
  • Convert the built-in cabinet in the dining room into a china cabinet. This is first on my list because it's going to be a cheap and easy project. A little bead board, finishing nails and paint will do the trick.
  • Clean and organize the spare room so it can be used as a guest room when needed. There is already a bed (storage surface apparently) in there, but I'll be damned if anyone can sleep on it.
  • Paint the porch and shutters. The door has been painted already, so it's time to tackle the porch and shutters. I am thinking of paying my little brother to do this project.
  • Paint my bathroom and my daughter's bathroom.
  • Move the chandelier over a couple of feet in the dining room. Also a little brother project. It's situated oddly. By placing the table in the most logical position, the light fixture is not centered above the table so someone is going to hit their noggin.
  • Acquire two arm chairs and a small table to create a conversation area in the living room. In the process, get rid of the chaise lounge.
  • Find some narrow shelving units/curios to flank the couch.
  • Replace the hideous track light in the kitchen with a much more stylish track light to match my decor, like this one
  • Install under-cabinet lighting so I can see what I'm cooking.
  • Install tile in master bathroom, guest bath, kitchen and laundry area.
  • Install hardwood or laminate in the living room, dining room and master bedroom.
This is a constantly evovling list, so check back soon!

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