Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome to The Double-wide Cottage! I have slowly been transforming my manufactured home into a cottage, complete with a messy cottage garden, since I moved in a little over three years ago.  I acquired my home when the previous owners (extended family) let the home go into foreclosure. It also happened to be on 8 acres of land that I inherited when my grandfather passed.  My then-husband and I stepped into a very inexpensive mortgage and a home that needed a lot of work.  We shampooed the carpet, painted the walls and moved in.

Fast-forward to 3.5 years later. I am now single with a house that is financed solely in my name. During the refinance I was able to do some improvements to the outside of the house that made a huge difference in the appearance. I have taken the naked yard from a sea of grass and weeds to the beginning of a beautiful cottage garden retreat, had a brick foundation installed and replaced the rotting boards of the front porch. I still have a lot of work to do, but I have also made a great deal of progress.

The inside has been relatively plan and uninspiring up to this point. I have decided to change that and make my little house a home that suits my casual style with a little vintage and thrift-store thrown in.  I have somewhat modern sensibilities in that I don't like frilly, frou-frou or overly done interiors. I enjoy simple lines, bright colors and clean neutrals. Modern and contemporary interiors usually look cold and plain to me, but I do appreciate the clean lines and open space. It may seem like my personal style is completely contradictary with cottage style, but I also enjoy quirky vintage pieces, quilts and mix-match dishes.  

Join me and follow the journey from double-wide to country cottage!

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