Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Why? And a little more about this blog

Why would someone write a blog about nothing? Well, everyone else does, so why not me? If I had nothing to write about I wouldn't have started a blog to begin with. Sometimes I just feel the need to get the shit that is swimming around in my head down in some written form so I can go back later and say "What a dumbass! What was I thinking?" It's probably nothing because do other people really want to read about the mundane details of someone else's life? Apparently, or Blogger wouldn't exist at all.

I don't draw funny cartoons, I'm not particulary hip, edgy, cool or hard core about anything. I like to think in my head that I have this level of cool that allows me to tip my head up slightly at other people and casually say "'Sup?" but in reality that doesn't happen.

About this blog:

This blog will not be safe for work (NSFW) or children, most likely. I use profanity with some regularity. There won't be any porn, but there might be some talk about sex and possibly links to stuff about sex. Again, no porn.

The main categories I'll be posting under are:
  • Things I Obsess About
  • Things I Hate
  • Things I Need to Work On
  • Important Things
  • Unimporant Things
  • Funny Word Verifications
  • Word of The Day
  • Stuff About Me
  • Stuff About This Blog
  • Stuff From Around the Internet
  • Sexy Stuff
So mostly things and stuff. If Things and Stuff bore you, probably best to move on now before you become too invested in this relationship and wind up bitter and disappointed. Otherwise, hang out, subscribe to my feed and leave a comment!

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