Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is what my lunch break looked like today:

  • Transfer clothes to dryer, start another load
  • Spill dried beans all over kitchen
  • Sweep up dried beans, toss the ones that hit the floor
  • Search for crockpot, find crockpot
  • Search for crockpot lid
  • Search for flashlight
  • Say "FUCK!" about 5 times
  • Search for batteries for flashlight
  • Find missed bean on the floor with kneecap
  • Say "MOTHERFUCKER!" really loud and scare cat
  • Find lid to crockpot
  • Start beans in crockpot
  • Eat two tuna sandwiches
I have horrible lighting in my kitchen, and my cabinets on the bottom are really deep and horribly organized, thus the flashlight. 

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