Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cut Flower Pictures

Since I try to keep my business site strictly business, I thought I'd post some pictures of my gardens and cut flowers I've grown this year.

Cut Flowers

A Year in the Backyard - This one is terribly misleading. I've not posted as many pictures as I should have, but there are a fair number there.

For the record, my flower beds look like shit right now. I don't weed or transplant or plant when it's 110 degrees and humid outside. We were also under drought like conditions for most of the summer, so transplanting anything would have been disastrous. I did end up losing some plants, so I have to start over in some sections of my yard.

My other half has been doing quite a bit of work on the "unfencing project" which includes removing a fenceline (done), rehabbing the pond (partially done), planting native trees and shrubs (on the list) and planting a meadow (on the list). He's been on the tractor behind the house with a box blade. It looks so much better than it did even a few months ago.

IF I can remember to take some photos this weekend, I'll post them. Hope you enjoy these pictures!

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