Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dishes, dishes, dishes

While I've yet to finish the China Cabinet Metamorphosis, the cabinet has become a nice spot to display photos and part of the S&P collection my aunt gave me. It will probably stay that way until I get some other things wrapped up, but the extra storage space I cleaned out is nice.

Even though I don't entertain much, I like to collect dishes. I don't collect expensive or rare dishes, just things that catch my eye and match what I already have. My main dish sets include two patterns from Pfaltzgraff. French Quarter and the yellow Circle of Kindness dinner plates. I also have some salad plates from the Villa della Luna collection, bread and butter plates from a pattern called Sheffield Elegance and a platter from the Pfaltzgraff Napoli colletion. What they have in common is that they all have similar colors. I've determined that green and yellow are neutral colors that match just about everything and can transition any season or holiday.

What I like about the French Quarter pattern is that it has shades of green, terra cotta and yellow, and with the right plates and accessories can look appropriately festive for the holidays. Being on a budget, it helps that my dishes can transition well.

Right now I'm looking at solid dishes for Christmas that will coordinate with the French Quarter pattern. I'm probably going with a lighter shade of red that will blend with the terra cotta nicely. I have some items on eBay that I'm watching, so I'll keep you posted!

Pfaltzgraff French Quarter Dinner Plate
Pfaltzgraff French Quarter
Pfaltzgraff Circle of Kindness

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