Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Facebook account has been disabled

Apparently, using my legal first and last names isn't good enough for Facebook. I tried to log in this morning and got an error message that I'd been disabled. The link in the error message took me to a page that claims I had a "fake profile" whatever the hell that means.

I've spent money on Facebook, with my PayPal account, so verifying that I am who I say I am should be easy right? Not only that, my phone number and address are listed on my business profile, which is also no longer in existence apparently.

I'm more than a little pissed, and I hope Facebook's customer "service" department can resolve this quickly. I would like an explanation of how they came to the conclusion that my name was fake, especially since I had relationship links to all my siblings and parents and have used the same name for the last two years. I was also tagged in other people's photos and had close to 600 friends.

I have contacts on Facebook that I have no other way of keeping in touch with. Namely people who are in the military and might be deployed, or people who don't live here any more.

To say the least, I'm perplexed and I'm also incredibly pissed off. If they treat people like this who advertise on the site and spend a little money on the games every now and then, I can't imagine how they treat people who use the site for spam and porn and stalking their ex-significant others. Or people who really do have fake names that are obviously fake. Oh, wait. They don't do anything to them because most of them were still on there the last time I checked.

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