Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm such a slacker!

Common wisdom tells us that blogs with pictures get more hits and have more loyal followers. Why? Well, people like to look at pictures, me included. It gives us a small window into someone else's life, and inspires our creativity.

Although I love reading blogs with lots of well-shot photos, I hardly ever post any of my own. I'm hoping to remedy that this weekend. For now, you'll just have to contend with a fuzzy BlackBerry photo of our new puppy, Izzy (Huntfield's Isabelle Bracken, to be exact).

She decided to join me in the bed after I had a long day at the dentist. I was tired and my whole face hurt, so I retreated to the bedroom with a pain killer and my laptop. Contrary to appearance, I did not give the dog one of my pain pills.

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