Sunday, January 2, 2011

Perplexing, contradictory and extremely frustrating

I picked up a magazine today when I was shopping for groceries that is promoting the "real food" diet as a way to get healthy for 2011. Basically, you kick the processed food habit and go for whole, and less processed foods.  I picked it up primarily because it claimed to contain over $50 of coupons. Ok, so I'm trying to save money AND eat healthier this year. I know how to do both, but sometimes I fall by the wayside.

The diet altering suggestions and recipes are great, but do you think there is ONE coupon for a single whole/real food item in the entire damn magazine? Nope. I'm more than a little disappointed, and incredibly frustrated. All the coupons are for convenience, processed and pre-packaged foods. Yeah, total fail on the part of the publishers. Not one single thing on the shopping list has a corresponding coupon in the magazine. I think that's the last time they will get any of my money.

Besides which, magazines are a luxury item that are incredibly wasteful. I can find just about anything I need online, and I am trying to reduce the budget.

Smooth move, All*You, publishers. Smooth move.
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