Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Trends

I've been scouring fashion magazine web sites, trying to figure out ways to incorporate trends into my wardrobe without looking like a fashion victim or looking overstyled or spending too much money. I'm attempting to work with the wardrobe I already have and buy some new pieces that I can wear for years. Barring weight loss or gain, there is no reason to completely replace your wardrobe every year (or every five years) if you shop wisely.

I'm a big-busted curvy girl, and there are plenty of things that look absolutely ridiculous on me. Empire waists and anything that lacks structure completely hide my figure and do nothing to flatter the curves. Clothes like that flatten everything out to the widest point on my body. Since my chest is the widest point on my body, it starts there and falls straight down. Not a good look for me.

That being said, I am really digging some of the trends for Spring this year. Others, not so much.

Glamour's trends for 2011 include:

  • An oversized sweater - This is a no-no for my figure type. Instead, I might go for a more body conscious tunic sweater, belted in the middle if I'm so inclined. I save the slouchy look for weekends and grocery runs, thank you very much.
  • A pleated skirt - This is something that has been a wardrobe staple for decades, and with the right pleating can flatter almost any figure. Accordian pleats might not be so good for my hips, but a skirt with a few well-placed inverted pleats is on my shopping list.
  • A fringed bag - Maybe. Fringe has also come and gone over the years, so it's something that could be stowed and brought out later. However, I'm on a bag diet. I have every possible bag I could need, and I'm not buying any more for a while.
  • Track pants - Hmmm. I can't wear these to work, and I have plenty of casual clothes I wear on the weekends or when I'm doing outdoorsy stuff.  
  • Major volume - I've already discussed how blousy and voluminous clothing is unflattering on my figure, so I'll have to stick to volumizing my hair. A volumizing spray, blow dryer and teasing comb are my tools of choice.
  • Something color-blocked - Maybe. I like bright colors, so I'll have to think about this one some more.
  • The great white shirt - I have at least 4 white button down shirts in various sleeve lengths. I'm covered on this one.
  • Wider leg jeans - I have to be careful with this one too, but I do have a pair already.
In the interest of (some) brevity, I'm going to break this into several posts. Be back soon!

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