Sunday, February 13, 2011

New running/hiking gear

I splurged when I got my tax return and bought a new pair of running shoes and some light hiking socks. I'm trying to work back up to running, and I've been doing some hiking and walking lately to get myself in shape.

I got a pair of Thorlos Light Hiker socks and a pair of New Balance WO1320 running/hiking shoes. I have to say that the socks are THE most comfortable socks I've ever worn. They are light, breathable, offer support and have cushion where you need it. Unfortunately they are just a bit too tight to wear with the shoes, but I'm looking for similar socks in a lighter weight for running. They will be perfect with my hunting boots!

I also splurged on some workout wear from REI (on sale even!) and Athleta.

I've made a goal for myself for this year to start an exercise routine and stick with it. Two years ago I lost some weight, and I've gained it all back over the last year. I'm tracking my workouts and hikes on My Fitness Pal. Come on over and join me if you want!

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