Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pain at the pump, and everywhere else

Who else is ready to ask for a compressed work week to save on gas? I know I am! Since I know that won't really fly, I'm going to tighten the belt and work on my garden this year. In years past I've relied on my parents to supply me with the excess produce from their gardens. This year I've decided to dig in and do it myself. We still have to eat, and with gas prices going up by the hour I really don't have an alternative.

My list includes tomatoes for canning (paste tomatoes), cucumbers, lettuce and other leafy greens, carrots (I may have waited too late!), melons, peppers, radishes and sugar snap peas. There are other things I'm considering, but I have to find a way to integrate them into my current beds since I don't really have a garden spot prepared yet. I have two spaces that need to be tilled and with a little work they will be ready. I've spent the last three years growing flowers, so I have lots of spots I can tuck plants into if need be. I had a volunteer grape tomato that sprouted in my flower bed last year from the compost pile. I didn't nurture it at all other than the occasional watering and staking it, so the couple of handfuls of tomatoes I got from it were a real treat.

I've managed to get some fruit trees planted, but it will be several years before they are producing enough to save money. I have planted apples, blueberries, cherries, nectarines, figs, crabapples and have a persimmon tree that volunteered itself a few years ago.

The problem now is finding the time and motivation. The last couple of years have really burned me out on gardening, even though I still love it.

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