Friday, March 11, 2011

Did you rock the red pump yesterday?

I didn't, even though I wanted to. I was afraid that the painkillers I took the night before would make me too unsteady to wear 3.5" heels. I was right. I had a root canal Wednesday and had every intention of getting up early Thursday and looking fabulous with my red heels on. Not only did I sleep late, but I also was in no mood to get dressed up. It was definitely a wash and go day.

In better news, my mallard hen has finally decided to sit on the nest she made. I found three eggs while cleaning out one of the flower beds last weekend and she was sitting on the nest this morning. I'll try to get a picture of her this weekend. I'm really excited! Duck eggs require 28 days of incubation, so if they hatch we will have ducklings before Easter!

Next week is Spring Break, and I've taken two days off. If the weather holds I plan to get finished with my yard cleanup and mulch the flower beds, which I'm starting on this weekend. So far, the outlook for this weekend's weather is favorable, but if you stand still long enough here the weather will change.

Mallard Ducks (Pull Ahead Books)

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