Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break, sunburn and dirty nails

I took two days off last week to enjoy the Spring weather, spend some time with Meredith and Lonnie, prepare for a fish fry and get caught up on yard work. I was able to do it all, but Meredith is twelve and Mom isn't cool any more. That's ok, I expected it. At least Lonnie still thinks I'm cool.

The yard was in ill repair; weeds everywhere, random pots blown around by the wind and bare soil confronted me at every turn. I can't believe how horribly I neglected it all winter. I'm happy to say that now most of the beds are weeded and mulched, I have almost finished all my fall bulb planting (I'm so embarrassed) and I made the flower bed I've wanted for the last two years. As if I needed anything else to do, I dug up more bulbs from Mom's yard and some daffodils from a pasture down the road (where a school sat over 100 years ago).

I got a surprise during my weeding adventures Friday. I'd been pulling up these weedy looking plants all week that I didn't recognize, noticing that there were a lot of them clustered together, all pretty much on the edges of the flower beds. I probably pulled up 20-30 of them before I found one in bloom. Turns out it was the five-spot, (Nemophila maculata) that I sowed over 2 years ago. The foliage looks like a cross between lettuce and dandelion leaves, but I never bothered to look up a picture of the foliage. Silly me. Needless to say Lonnie and Meredith got a kick out of that. I never imagined it would take so long for an annual to flower. I hope it reseeds itself, but if not I have a whole bag of seed left.  I'm pretty sure I've also pulled up most of the showy evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa) I sowed two years ago now that I've taken time to look up the seedling. Can you see me rolling my eyes from there?

I managed to get potatoes and snow peas planted, got some more veggies and flowers sowed, and made plans to expand one of the bulb beds next fall. I don't think I spent much time indoors over the past four days. We finished the weekend last night, listening to the flames crackle in the fire pit and the fountain bubble in the pond.

I went back to work today, fully expecting to be busy and I was. The only downside to vacation is playing catch-up when you return. I missed a few spots with the sunscreen and got really dirty, but it was worth it. I would much rather spend my time outdoors if given the option.

I took some great pictures for GBBD! I didn't get around to posting on 3/15, but here is my contribution to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. I also joined the Garden Party at Etsy Cottage Style. Hope you enjoy!

Gerber daisies. See the bud on the bottom right? These came back after record cold and snow here this year. Four of the eight I planted are making their way out of the soil. The other four rotted. Not terrible odds for a plant that isn't supposed to be a perennial in this Zone (7B-8).

Nectarine blossom
Nectarine blossom. If this tree produces as much fruit as bloom, there will be a bumper crop this year. This is the first year for this tree.

Peach blossoms
Peach blossoms. I have no idea who planted this tree. We found it while cleaning out the brush and only one limb is blooming. I'm not optimistic for fruit, but there are suckers on the side of the tree I'm going to attempt rooting.

Sawtooth oak
Out with the old and in with the new. My sawtooth oaks are putting out new leaves, but they haven't dropped all their acorn caps just yet.

I hope these blossoms have brightened your day a bit. They certainly made my week better!


  1. oh very nice! I have not done my spring garden post yet--hoping for a bit more color to show up here in western Oregon...thanks for sharing your blossoms!

  2. I hear you are coming to Blotanical. Welcome to a big group of gardeners.

    The secret to Gerberas is to keep the crown uncovered so it doesn't rot.

  3. I have been at Blotanical for a couple of years, but I haven't been active there in a while. My other site is no longer in operation, so I thought I should update. (Used to be

    I've gotten back in the habit of commenting on others' blog posts, and it's good to see some people here!

  4. The sawtooth oak photo looks like some sort of alien lifeform! neat :-)

  5. Dearest Jennifer, Thanks for sharing the beautiful Nectarine blossoms and Gerber Daisy pictures! I don't think I've ever seen a nectarine tree or blossom! I just saw some apricot trees over at Dragonfly Treasures and some juicy tangelos over at Char's! I have some pictures up on my Walk around the Pasture of some peaches growing on my trees. Put us all together, and we make a nice fruit salad! So nice to be able to share with each other and see all the amazing plants that the Lord has scattered across this beautiful land of ours. PS. I just noticed that Glenda over at Sweet Daisy Dreams is having FALL!! (in Australia!). God bless all, Regina

  6. Beautiful Pictures! I have been so excited to be working in my garden again. The weather has been so nice!


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