Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Casting Call

I'm opening up Modern Country Mom for guest bloggers! If you live in the country, grow your own food, live off the land or keep livestock and would like to share a short essay about your experiences I would love to hear from you. Bonus if you use sustainable farming practices, modernized versions of techniques like food preservation, sewing etc.

I'm not selling a slick packaged lifestyle, but I am reaching out to people who share similar experiences. This blog is not all about me! I want to reflect what my readers want to read and talk about.

Please include the following information:

Your name
Your location
Google account e-mail if you have one
Current blog or web site if you have one
Your area of "expertise"
A little about you and/or your family
A sample paragraph of what you would like to post about.

I already have one potential guest blogger lined up. I think you guys will like her!

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