Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I have recently ventured into the world of couponing. I'm not what you might call an extreme couponer, but I certainly don't mind saving a few bucks. I don't have the time, the storage space or the organizational skills to pull off extreme couponing.

I love finding things on sale and then finding a coupon that makes it even cheaper!

Some of the sites I've found that have helped me are listed below:

Hot Coupon World
Coupon Network

You can load digital coupons to your shopping card at several of these sites. If you do a search you can find blogs, discussion forums, and tons of information about couponing.

Manufacturers also have printable coupons available on their web sites.

General Mills
My Coke Rewards

There's so much information about couponing out there on the internet, and I just can't distill it into one post. The sites are out there, so do a little searching!

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