Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bathroom makeover project

I've always hated my master bathroom. It looks the same as it did five years ago when I moved in, and I haven't really had the money to redecorate it like I've wanted to.

Here is the before. It's not pretty.


View from the door.


The double vanity.


Behind the door - a single shower stall.


What I do like about this bathroom is that it has plenty of storage. None of it is close to the toilet, though.


The ugly. The carpet is permanently discolored from a leak we had behind the wall. We had to cut up the wet carpet because it smelled and we had to figure out exactly what was leaking.


The leak was coming out of the pipe going into the shower head. It leaked for a while before we figured out where it was coming from. YUCK! We had to rip the wallboard down to fix it.

The punch list:
  • Rip up carpet
  • Remove trim strips and fake wood "molding"
  • Replace wallboard
  • Prime and paint walls
  • Install new flooring
  • Replace lighting
  • Replace/remove or re-frame mirrors
I'm trying to put together a budget, and I know that the vinyl flooring and light fixtures will be the most expensive items. The most important thing is getting the carpet out, but I don't want to paint after the new flooring is in. I also don't want to walk around on OSB for several months, but it's becoming a pretty tempting option right this moment.

Who puts carpet in the damn bathroom?

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