Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Palette Challenge - Item List

Knit shirts - 2 sleeveless, 2 l/s or 3/4 sleeve.
Button down shirts - 2 s/s, 2 l/s.
Skirts - 2 pencil skirts, 2 pleated/full skirts
Pants - 2-3 pair of trousers.
Dresses - 1-2 dresses.
Jackets - 1 3/4 sleeve "puff sleeve" jacket, 1 l/s jacket.
Cardigans - 1-2 long sleeve cardigans.

I've already finished one of the pencil skirts and I LOVE IT, and have started on one of the s/s button downs. I can't take any pictures until Lonnie returns from his European jaunt with the camera, and I hope to have a couple more pieces done by then.

I have fabric and patterns ordered and I'm trying to use up fabric that was already in my stash. So far, I've used two pieces of fabric I already had, with plans to use several more. I purchased a 50% silk brown/camel suiting, and two pieces of wool/poly/spandex knit jersey for the sleeveless tops in goldenrod and magenta from Fashion Fabrics Club.

The good news is that I've done an inventory of my wardrobe and these new colors I'm introducing are either in short supply, or will fit in with clothes I already own very well.

I also got my new closet system installed and have plenty of room to hang/fold everything I own and probably still have room left. I only hope the sewing mood lasts...

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