Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Palette Challenge Update

I have completed one piece(McCall's 3830), need buttons for another (New Look 6407 OOP), and have done a full bust alteration for a dress (Butterick 4443) following this method since I wear a 38DD bra and patterns are usually sized for B cups unless you can find one that includes different cup sizes. I haven't done any cutting on the dress fabric yet, and I won't be able to post pictures until after Lonnie returns.

I think I'm going to use yellow pearl snaps for the shirt because I'm 1. lazy and 2. they look better with that style of shirt in my opinion. I'll probably get them from Snap Source since they seem to have the best color range and price and I only need a few.

To be honest, I really don't like the shirt pattern. Well, I like the pattern, but the sewing directions piss me off. I've made it one time before and the same issues were apparent this time. If I make it again I will have to alter the construction directions a bit because I really don't like the way the collar goes into the neckline. It's cumbersome and could be done a lot better I think.

Anyone sewn this pattern successfully who might have some construction tips?

The dress only calls for a bodice lining, but I think I'm going to line the skirt as well. The fabric is somewhat thin, and I despise wearing slips. Anything I can do to avoid them is fine with me.

The skirt I made also does not call for a lining, but I made one easily enough. It's just so much better to line things that have skirts if you can. No panty lines, no slips and no dress wedgie if you wear thong underwear. Win-win.

Since I don't have any pictures of finished garments, here are some scanned images of the fabrics.

Navy pencil skirt

Navy pencil skirt fabric. You can see the dark blue and gray-green threads that are woven in. I have had this fabric for several years and don't remember where I got it.

Stripe shirt fabric

This is the fabric for the short sleeved shirt that just needs pearl snaps to be finished. I doubt this will ever be worn without a jacket or vest over it. I really need to find a different shirt pattern. I'm not happy with the construction of it, and everything I tried to make it better just made it worse. I love the colors, and the navy and yellow stripes fit right in with my fall palette.

Purple dress fabric right side

This is the fabric for the dress I'm getting ready to make. It's a linen look poly blend from Joann Fabrics. I made a muslin this morning and the alterations I made to the pattern are perfect!

Purple dress fabric wrong side

This is the "wrong side" of the fabric, which I think I'm going to use. I just like it better.

That's what I have on the table right now. I have other fabrics and some on the way, and I hope to be able to wrap this challenge up in time!

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