Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Palette Challenge

In addition to picking up my sewing again, I recently started reading several sewing blogs. I don't participate in a lot of blogging challenges, but this particular one caught my eye. The Fall Palette Challenge at Coletterie is something I've actually been thinking a lot about lately: making new pieces of clothing that will integrate with and improve my existing wardrobe. I've long known that sewing my own clothes is the best way to get new pieces that actually fit, rather than scouring sales and clearance racks for things that I might not like or might not be in my size. Sewing allows me to carefully select the exact style, color and fabric and be a bit more purposeful about it than just tossing it in my cart and hoping it works.

This challenge is the perfect way to evaluate what I have, figure out what I need, and make some really cool stuff in the process. I already have several pencil skirts planned in various colors, and I hope I can integrate them into this challenge.

First, the inspiration. I looked over my Style Pinboard at Pinterest and found the following colors to be the most prominent:

I already have a LOT of neutrals, but camel is sadly lacking. I have a lot of basic pants and skirts in black and gray, but again camel is left out. I also want to add more colorful options to my basic wardrobe. I want one full set of interchangeable options, including at least one of each skirt, shirt, jacket, pants and a dress. I really have to consider my color and fabric options carefully, including the fabric and patterns I already have and what I need to buy.

The skirt will likely be finished first since it is the easiest to complete. I am not a fast sewer, and sleeves give me hell, so the jacket and shirt will take longer to complete. I'm trying to decide on long sleeved or short sleeved jackets. Short sleeves will be more versatile in this climate, and I can always layer. See? Already thinking about options...

After some consideration, I've narrowed it down to these colors:

Color by COLOURlovers

I think these colors would be easy to work into my existing wardrobe, and help balance it out a bit. The aforementioned lack of camel limits my remix options, and I need some navy as well.

If you want to participate, hop on over to Coletterie and join their Fall Palette Challenge.

Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

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