Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yummy Stuff

I finally got around to trying one of the "Sizzling Salad" kits from Kraft and I have to say it was pretty good! I got the Caesar salad kit with cracked black pepper cooking sauce and Caesar dressing. Instead of just cooking with the sauce, I marinated the chicken for about 3 hours prior to throwing it on the grill. My only complaint is that the servings are very high in sodium - 47% of your RDA if you cook and serve as suggested. I rarely use as much dressing as indicated in a serving size, and Caesar isn't my favorite. It's definitely something we can't eat all the time, but was a nice treat and something different.

For some Halloween fun, I ordered the Jell-O brain mold. If you don't already know, I love Halloween, and I love gross/creepy stuff. The brain shaped gelatin mold is right up my alley. AND has a FREE offer, for only $2.95 shipping. I'm sure supplies are limited!

Just like everything else I enjoy, I get on cooking kicks. Lately I've not been feeling it. I'm on a sewing kick right now so I'm taking advantage of it. I really need some suggestions on what to cook that won't bore me to death, or take too long to prepare. We love to grill and our weather is temperate enough that we can grill out most of the year. Anything of that persuasion is always good.

I'd love some suggestions in addition to my cooking wish list. Warning! Pinterest can be highly addictive.

I also have a kitchen wishlist that I haven't looked at in a while. Most of that stuff is probably no longer available. That's how long it's been since I actually looked at it.

I want to eat, but sadly I do NOT want to cook anything right now. Apparently everyone else in the house is in the same mood. Ha! What are you in the mood to cook and/or eat?

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