Sunday, December 16, 2012

From Pinterest to Office

I found this on Pinterest last week when I was browsing and had a lightbulb moment.

I have similar elements in my closet! So I put it together and wore it Friday. It was casual day, but we had a company dinner after work and I wanted to look a little nicer.

Jacket - Kim Rogers (from Belk)
Sequined tank - Cato 
Jeans - Ann Taylor Curvy Flare (clearance rack!)
Shoes - Dexter patent wedge (from Payless)
Earrings - I don't remember where I got them. Probably at a discount store like Burke's outlet. They are so classic and simple they pretty much match anything in my wardrobe. I don't usually like gold toned jewelry, but these work.
Nail polish - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Grey Area (Walgreen's)

Not the best picture, but one of my co-workers took it with my phone. It also looks like a family of chipmunks moved out of the seat of my pants... I guess it's the way I'm standing.  

The top is very subtly sequined, but I usually prefer that for work.

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