Friday, December 21, 2012

More Goodwill scores

I hit Goodwill one town over today and I think I bought every dish they had. Well, not really, but I did buy quite a lot. In addition to the pictures below I also got 2 white glass baking dishes, set of 3 stainless mixing bowls, juice glasses, rocks glasses, shot glasses and some watermelon printed glasses for mom. She'll love those!

I wound up with four of these sunflower dishes for .99 each. I've seen similar at Pier1 for $8 per plate. Not sure of the brand, but they are food safe, no dishwasher, no microwave.

These are Nikko Provincial Designs salad plates, a steal at .59 each.

And here are the blue and white dinner plates to go with them. Another deal at .99, and they are Walmart Mainstays brand, so the set can be added to easily. I also have some blue and white toile bread and butter plates and a blue and white teapot and sugar pot that round this out nicely.

See! They look great together.

And not too shabby with the sunflower plate either.

Clear glass bowls go with anything, and I picked up a set of seven.

I'll be keeping all of these for my collection, but I'll also be looking for more to put on eBay. I have a couple of auctions going for myself right now. Some lovely pink floral plates and a set of Anchor Hocking Laurel clear glass footed dessert bowls.

Who wants to have dinner?

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