Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What inspires you?

Inspiration hasn't come easy lately. I try to look for things that will spark my imagination or propel a current project to even greater heights. I have a bad case of the blahs, a funk really. Coming home from work to a messy house pisses me off and I'm sick of the same daily routine. Holidays anyone?

What is it about the holidays that makes so many people miserable? I'm healthy, my partner is healthy, we are both employed and the kiddo is also similarly spectacular. Winter is my least favorite season for many reasons. It's cold, it's dark and it rains a lot. We still have so many projects left undone that require more money, motivation or time than we have right now. I hate unfinished projects, but I'm also the QUEEN of unfinished projects. Quite the conundrum, huh?

This year I lost an uncle (my dad's brother), a great uncle, two great aunts and Lonnie lost his mom. We both got promotions and M has become more active in extracurricular activities. To say the least, it has been a hard and stressful year. Nothing I've tried seems to help remove the funk, and each project I attempt leaves me with more crap to clean up.

The good news is I've started decluttering. I'm also trying to journal and blog on a regular basis again. Journaling is more personal than blogging. You guys see here what I want you to see. My journal is a way for me to organize my thoughts and try to make sense of the trainwreck in my brain. My refillable journal in lavender came in the mail today! I also got chalk markers in today and we finally decorated the chalkboard wall.

Back to the topic at hand. What inspires you? I find a lot of great ideas in magazines, on Pinterest, life in general. Sometimes I really have to force myself to stop and take notice of the beauty right in front of me, especially if I'm stressed or in a foul mood.

Here's what I've been mulling over:

I was up before sunrise last Friday and got to watch the sun come up. That rarely happens, so I took a picture.

I also dug out my cheapo gold rimmed dishes (from Walmart last year) a couple of weeks ago and played around with my salad plates.

Top to bottom: Swirl (found on eBay), Pfaltzgraff French Quarter and Pfaltzgraff Villa della Luna.

Next week a massive cookie bake will take place and I will be off work from 12/19-12/25. I'm really looking forward to my time off!

Where are you gathering inspiration for the holidays?

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