Sunday, January 13, 2013

Declutter Challenge 2013 - Week 2

And so we begin Week 2 of the Declutter Challenge 2013. This week is going to focus more on housekeeping items than decluttering, but some of the tasks for this week will also help thin the herd and ensure you are well-rested for the challenge ahead.

This week's focus will be on the bedroom. I spend more time in my bedroom - mostly asleep - than I do the other rooms of the house. There's no TV or computer in there and I use it for primarily bedroom activities. I read there sometimes just to get away from the noise in the rest of the house.

Lately I've been having trouble sleeping. My mattress is uncomfortable, my pillows are flat and worn out and I toss and turn all night. In addition to not sleeping, my back has also been aching. There's also a shitload of clutter and laundry in my bedroom and it's all seriously affecting my ability to relax.

I decided to focus on revamping my bedroom this week and thought I'd share the process.

  • Strip your bed. This includes stripping the whole bed and starting from scratch. Wash and replace the sheets on the bed.
  • Vacuum and/or steam clean and flip your mattress. Vacuuming should be done once a month and you should flip your mattress every three months. If your mattress is like mine, it only has a pillow top on one side, so it can only be rotated. One solution for this issue is a nice mattress topper that will allow you to use both sides of the mattress.
  • Fold or put away any clean laundry that's lying around. Sort and wash the dirty laundry.
  • Take stock of your linens, pillows and mattresses. If you have some sheets or blankets that are more worn than others, rotate them to the bottom of the pile. 3-4 sets of sheets is a good number to shoot for. Sheets are kind of like shoes. It's something you use every day, and the more of them you have to rotate, the longer they will last. Heavier weight, higher thread count sheets are not only softer, they also last longer. 
  • If you live in a warmer climate and have a clothesline, hang your white or lighter colored sheets out. The sun really gives them a good bleaching and they will smell divine. Toss them in the dryer for a few minutes to soften if line-dried laundry isn't your thing.
  • If you have linens that can't be salvaged, re-purpose or throw them away. If you have linens for bed sizes you no longer have, donate them or give them to someone who does.
  • Wash or toss your pillows. Pillows should be washed at least twice a year, once every three months is better. If you have had them for more than, say, three years, it's probably best throw them away if they are worn out (unless they are feather/down). When you buy new pillows, take notice of the warranty and save your receipt or send in the warranty card if there is one.
  • Consider investing in zippered pillow covers. These fit over your pillows and protect them from any bodily fluids or skin cells that might get through the pillow case. (Ew, right?)
  • Clean your duvet and cover or blankets/comforters according to the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.
  • Take down your curtains and wash them or have them dry cleaned. Dust/wash your blinds
  • Toss or donate at least 5 items of clothing you are no longer wearing.
  • Toss or donate at least one pair of shoes you are no longer wearing.
  • Throw away your bras and undies that need to be thrown away. I don't need to tell you which know.
  • Throw away or re-purpose holey socks. The terry cloth inside of a sock makes a great dusting cloth.
  • Throw away any broken hangers lurking in your closet.
  • Donate or swap books you've been thinking about getting rid of. I love books too, but sometimes they just take up space.
  • Clean off your ceiling fan, light fixtures, lamps. Dust and vacuum horizontal surfaces. Wipe down the walls if they need it. This is something I don't do often enough. Tip: Use an old pillowcase to clean off the fan blades and catch all the crud to save yourself another cleaning step. 
  • If you're really adventurous, take off the fan blades and give them a good wash with a damp cloth, vacuum off the motor, take the globes off and clean them with a damp cloth and tighten up the screws that hold the fan to the ceiling. If you would like to change the look of your fan blades, you can use this time to flip them over, paint or stain them, or replace them all together.
  • Remake your bed.
This week is going to be a tedious one. Linens and blankets can be cumbersome and sometimes have to be taken to the laundromat if your washer and dryer can't handle the bulk. We often don't focus on taking care of our bedrooms because they are private spaces that not many other people see. However, your bedroom is where you spend at least 1/3 of your life and it should be comfortable and relaxing. Think of it as self care. 

Take a little time this week to perk up your private spaces and see if it doesn't make you feel better!

Treat yourself:

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