Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Spring.....sort of

Spring has had several fits and starts here. Flowers are blooming, the sun has come out, and we've had some lovely weather, but we've also had cold nasty rain and some really cool weather. Hello Spring in Mississippi! How's the decluttering going? Mine is still a work in progress and I haven't posted about it, but it's coming along. With everything else that takes a while to create, it takes a while to dismantle.

  • I can see about 75% of the floor in my "junk" room, which has to be in guest sleeping quarters form by the end of June. Meaning: It has to be clean enough for an air mattress, and un-embarrassing enough for guests.

  • We are finally ripping up the rest of the carpet in the bathroom this weekend. I will be hiring someone to put down the tile. This has been a two year process and I'm over it. Time to get it done and move on to other projects.

  • I've priced solid wood flooring for the living room at Lumber Liquidators. This we can do ourselves. It's just a matter of coughing up the dough and getting it done.

My yard looks fabulous. I have completely missed my calling, but who can afford to quit work and start a business? Not I. I can't even afford to start a business with a full time job backing me.

My big projects for this week are throwing away and/or donating all the clothes I cannot wear. I have 10+ pairs of jeans and maybe 4 of them fit me. Time to go.  The biggest thing I've learned from all of this is that people become attached to and fix emotions on inanimate objects that serve absolutely no purpose other than the emotional attachment we have to the object itself. It creates literal and figurative baggage that most of us can really live more productively without.

I mean, who am I kidding? Yes, I might someday get back in those jeans, but today is not that day and finding storage space for them or moving them around for clothing that does fit has become something I no longer want to do. As Stacy from What Not to Wear says "Dress the body you have NOW."

Adopting the same philosophy for my house is my goal. Live in the house you have NOW, make it comfortable. Don't put off feathering your nest the way you want it just because you may not be there forever. None of us are anywhere forever.  Perhaps my Buddhist tendencies are showing? Whatever the case may be, I'm ready to dump the baggage and get on with my life.

Happpy Spring!

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