Friday, November 13, 2015

Another week GONE

I took this week to re-group, and take a break from blogging. As the holidays approach, I will be busier and busier. My daughter is playing soccer this year, and they have 2-3 games per WEEK until February. If you don't see me here, I'm probably on the sidelines, or buried in yarn and Christmas ornaments. Or food. Food coma is always a possibility this time of year.

I am not going all out for Christmas this year like I did last year. I hosted our family Christmas at my house last year, and there were more than twenty people in my tiny house. I will be decorating this year and Meredith decided that we need a themed tree, instead of her "old crappy kindergarten ornaments." Her words, not mine.  She's sixteen, so of course she has an opinion about everything.

We've decided on a burgundy/gold/black theme this year, which fits right in with my new site, Holidays and Nights. Check it out if you get time. It's more of a hobby project at the moment, but I hope that changes in the near future.

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